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Stoop 55

STOOP 55 is a documentary series giving gifted individuals the opportunity to showcase their talents and tell their story to the world.


Episode 1

Songstress Geminelle Rollins performs original music and explains how letting go of the structures we create enable life to take its proper course.

Episode 2

A high school dean from Washington, DC uses spoken word to counteract hopelessness among his students while grieving the passing of his grandmother.

Episode 3

Two artists describe the ups and downs of their relationship and how communicating through art has strengthens their bond while producing amazing pieces of work.

Episode 4

A young man from Cincinnati, Ohio tells a story about heartbreak, depression and how the relationship with his guitar changed it all. He preforms while sharing his evolution as a individual and an artist.

Episode 5

Husband and wife share their personal and professional journey through music while exemplifying what it means to be an artistic unit that stays true to themselves.

Episode 6

The soulful Talibah Safiya tells a story about letting go of things in life. She captures the neighborhood with her unique vocals and artistic approach.

Episode 7

Mother and lyrical savant describes the relationship with her children while delivering strong words of wisdom through poetry.

Episode 8

A young man shares a unique perspective on art, music and craft while serenading the neighborhood with his saxophone.