Hosts Ron Valderrama & Michael Campo bring you along for the ride as they grow their startups in the film & TV industry.  New episodes on Tuesdays.


Episode 1

In our first episode of Startup Creative, Ron Valderrama and Michael Campo discuss the importance of finding the "why" in what you are working on. In addition, we focus on failure and our current projects.

Episode 2 

As a follow up to last week's episode exploring the importance of "why", Ron and Michael discuss the "how" in their starups and creative process.

Episode 3

In this episode CampCampo founder, Michael Campo and Stream Now PRO founder, Ron Valderrama are forced to answer questions on a project they have been working on for over a year.

Episode 4

Ron has a new idea for an app and Michael pokes holes in the idea.  We also discuss social media and SEO.

Episode 5

Ron Valderrama and Michael Campo discuss fear. How it can hold you back and be harnessed.

Episode 6

In this episode of Startup Creative, we have a guest appearance from entrepreneur Dwight Cenac. We talk film distribution and startups in general.

Episode 7

This is part 2 of our interview with film distribution expert Dwight Cenac from IndyOh.

Episode 8

In this episode, Ron Valderrama and Michael Campo discuss equity crowdfunding.

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