Road Trippin' With Andy Yates

Welcome to Road Trippin' with Andy Yates. A series about where kiteboarding can take you.

  • Andy Yates
  • Director:
    • Jordan Roberts

    creative commons

Episode 1

In episode one, I travel to North Queensland to meet up with Andy Yates and we begin our adventure down the coast, kicking off in Port Douglas. Andy was the 2010 PKRA World Champion and is still not only an incredible kiteboarder and amazing athlete, but a super down-to-Earth guy willing to step outside his comfort zone to experience something different. He's studying medicine, with a focus on tropical and indigenous medice, a fact that we explore a bit more as the series goes on.
Episode 2

In episode two, Andy and I travel South from Cairns to the isolated Aboriginal community of Yarrabah. We were so warmly welcomed there and were privileged enough to be shown around by Pat Lasalo and his colleagues Richard and Lavin, the community's well respected paramedics. We stopped by the museum, primary and secondary schools and took a bunch of awesome kids out for a kite at one of their stunning beaches.
Episode 3

In Episode 3, we hang out in Townsville, where Andy spends his uni semesters. Andy takes us through his part time work, the Barra Fun Park where he runs the System 2.0 cable ski. Then we take a ferry out to the magical Magnetic Island to get a kite in with a few of Andy's uni mates.
Episode 4

In Episode 4, we set off from Townsville only to find a terrible forecast for the entire Central QLD coast, leaving us with no choice but to hit the road on a mission drive straight to the Sunshine Coast - Andy's home town where his parents still live.
Episode 5

Nearing the end of our 3 week roadtrip, we make the most of Andy's home break with a wave kiting session out the front, followed by some light-wind antics at the Coloundra River mouth. Then, to finish things off in style, we head South with Andy's schoolmate, Danny to chase some swell at D-bah on the Gold Coast, just over the border in New South Wales.