Brush Country Monsters

From the famed brush country of South Texas, Brush Country Monsters is a tv series focused on monster whitetail deer and one of the most unique whitetail environments in the world - Deep South Texas.

  • Lamar Smith
  • John Burrell
  • Jackie Scoggins
  • Seth Johnson

Episode 1

The Zaitz Family Returns to The Novillos
Episode 2

The McWhorter Custom Rifles Crew Visits The Novillos
Episode 3

Eric Stecker and Gavin Harvey
Episode 4

Two Novillos Giants In The Peak of The Rut
Episode 5

Clay Vincent Returns
Episode 6

The Ciardelli Family hunt, Part 1
Episode 7

The Ciardelli Family Hunt, Part 2
Episode 8

Montana Mule Deer
Episode 9

Lamar and Seth Hunt the Novillos
Episode 10

Dan Como and Rusty Miller
Episode 11

Tracy Kemp and Joe Winningham
Episode 12

SAAM Training, Precision Level 2
Coming Soon