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More than just a landmark in superhero animation, Max Fleischer's Superman shorts were no less than the foundation for so many shows that succeeded it. Playing in theaters in 1941-42, only a few years after the Man of Steel made his debut in action comics, these 9 exciting films were produced by Fleischer (and often directed by his brother, Dave) and made famous the phrase "This looks like a job for Superman!" At 8-10 minutes, each film had just enough time to run the opening credits, establish the threat, let Lois Lane make a headstrong rush into peril, and allow Clark Kent to change to his alter ego and save the day. The films show a remarkably dynamic and atmospheric storytelling style that enables them to hold up for modern viewers. At first the films followed a science fiction-fantasy theme (mad scientists, giant robots), but not unexpectedly for that time soon focused on wartime concerns (e.g., "The Japoteurs" from September 18, 1942).


Episode 1

Billion Dollar Limited

Episode 2 

Electric Earthquake

Episode 3

Mad Scientist

Episode 4 

Mechanical Monster

Episode 5 

Terror on The Midway

Episode 6 

The Acrtic Giant

Episode 7

The Bulleteers

Episode 8

The Magnetic Monster

Episode 9



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