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Popeye was the one of the most popular cartoon stars from the 1930s through the 1960s. Overall, 753 POPEYE cartoon segments exist to date.

Episode 1:

  • Cookin' with Gags (1955)

Episode 1

The boys are taking Olive on a picnic. It's April 1, and Bluto plays a series of jokes on Popeye.

Episode 2

Popeye's snoring is keeping the resident mouse awake and it tries various ways to silence him. An irate Popeye traps it in a spinach can with unfortunate results.

Episode 3

Popeye guards Olive Oyl's precious gem.

Episode 4

Popeye beats Bluto to a date with Olive Oyl. Upon discovering Olive is superstitious, Bluto tries to deter her by changing the date to Friday the 13th and planting various omens to play on her fears.