A warm-hearted comedy starring Matt Letscher (The Flash) and Marin Hinkle (Two and a Half Men, Speechless). A story about the misadventures of four men on the precipice of middle age who decide to re-form their high school basketball team.

  • Matt Letscher 
  • Marin Hinkle 
  • Alex Quijano 
  • Brian Letscher 
  • Nipper Knapp 

  • Matt Letscher
Episode 1

At the end of a particularly bad day for all four of them, Matt invites Mark, Luke, and Juan over for beers, hoops, and a decision.

Episode 2

Matt plays hooky from his job to get the Gospel in shape.

Episode 3

Mark struggles with existential ennui after a health "scare."

Episode 4

Luke is forced to examine his "perfect life" and contemplates whether to rejoin The Gospel.

Episode 5

When Juan gets a call for help from his estranged wife, will he have to choose between love and basketball?

Episode 6

To prepare for the big tourney, The Gospel scrimmage their old rivals from a crosstown Jewish school.

Episode 7

In the season finale, The Gospel face formidable foes -- distraction, forgetfulness, and the opposing team -- as they vie for their shot at glory at the tournament.