Ten years from now, video games are so immersive that teenagers learn lethal skills just by playing.  They’re called hapheads.


Episode 1

Maxine infuriates her tough-talking Dad by taking a job in the lawless Special Economic Zone.

Episode 2 

After stealing a haptic cable from work, Maxine gets a fierce taste of the peripheral’s power.

Episode 3

After Maxine’s brutal workplace fight, Dad decides it’s time to for some big changes.

Episode 4 

Maxine takes drastic - and morally questionable - action to alleviate her dad's depression.

Episode 5 

Maxine's good intentions have disastrous consequences.

Episode 6 

Seeking solace from her grief, Maxine discovers a secret and wondrous Haphead Lair. 

Episode 7

Suspicious of the official report, Maxine searches for clues that may shed some light on her recent tragedy.

Episode 8

Maxine turns to Uncle Bruce for answers, but learns that her bio-hacking uncle has a few shocking secrets of his own.

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